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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sketches of OZ.

Here are some sketches and illustrations that I created for an Oz project that I am currently working on.


  1. Nice work Martin! Lot's of details. I like the "old paper" look you've given them. Cool effects on the melting witch!! Are these illustrations for a book or a personal project?

  2. Awesome! Yet again more quality work. Theres so much subtle things to take in that more and more stuff pops out on the second viewing begging the question, How did you do it and make it look so nice? I love the Flying monkey with the umbrella, very clever! Keep it up cause i cant wait to see more.

  3. Dave - I'm glad you liked the illustrations. I decided to use the "old paper" texture to give a more traditional style to the illustrations. The pieces are slightly influenced by the work of Arthur Rackham.

    Tom - I think I had the most fun drawing the monkeys :)

    Thanks again for the nice comments guys.

  4. These are tooooooo awesome Martin. Well done!

  5. Cheers Alessandra. It's nice to hear from you again. Tell Alfredo I said "Hi". So how is the hardest working couple in animation doing these days? Working on something amazing I hope.

  6. un trazo impresionante, y un dinamismo de movimiento espectacular